Which Laser and Zoom teeth whitening dentist is best in Stoke On Tent and surrounding Staffordshire areas                                           

New local Ultrasound technology helps whiten and to clean teeth with braces

The negatives of Braces including Invisiline

Cleaning braces using a toothbrush is as hard as trying to floss with a jump-rope, although braces are crucial to correcting an assortment of problems.
The interweaving of brackets and wires traps all types of bacteria and food particles which cause plaque build-up and pose the danger of tooth decay. Bacteria are the source of most problems--bad breath, gingivitis tooth loss, you name it.
Unless teeth are kept clean, cavities may emerge which wreak havoc on teeth resulting in stains and discolouration.

Good dental hygiene for braces

However, if you're diligent about rinsing with mouthwash, brushing and flossing toothbrushes are equipped to clean braces around.
"The lack of choices will not make it a challenge for those who have braces to keep good oral hygiene. It is frustrating, and it is a nightmare. But there is really a ultrasound toothbrush. It is the world's first toothbrush with technologies technical for braces, truly exceptional," Zauner added.
It is unique, in actuality, it's almost revolutionary.
The technology has made the toothbrush a hit among other professionals and orthodontists. By saving to the dentist with this defence against discolouration and cavities, you can protect your investment.

The financial benefits of using laser and Zoom whitening treatments

The Journal of Clinical Orthodontics says the price of an adult group of braces in the U.S. is £4,000, typically. Only a few people can afford to repair oral care expenses. Taking this into consideration and when you look at the cost of our Zoom teeth whitening, laser teeth whitening and other solutions they are exceptionally relevant when taking care for your teeth and braces. Minimising damage of your races and teeth will save you lots of money, stress and pain and not just in the long run either. 

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zoom and laser teeth whitening in process at our Stoke dental practice
Zoom whitening tooth paste being put on a yellow tooth brusg

What is Zoom teeth whitening, and why is it so popular

Zoom laser teeth whitening is a specific brand of teeth whitening treatment/equipment offered by Philips, the well know international electronics giant. Zoom is a well known teeth whitening bleaching process that is well known by dentists to quickly and highly effectively remove years of stains built up on the teeth making them quickly and safetly look and feel much 'whiter', 'cleaner' & 'brighter'.
The whole treatments usually takes about an hour not including a recommended free health check. As you can see, with only taking an hour the amazing results achieved with reduced risk compared to home remedies has made this a huge popular treatment. 
Once the bleach is applied a special frequency light is used to quicken and improve effectiveness of the bleach. This light also helps to break down and remove tougher particles and stains too. 
All of this whilst you are free to sit back, relax and enjoy your surroundings in the dental practice free from pain and stress. 

Richard was so helpful

Customer review

It was so refreshing to be talked & walked through the whole process and being directed to the most expereienced and professional dentist for my teeth whitening proceedure 

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Whats Is Teeth Whitening?

A bit more infomation

There is a huge array of infomation online about whitening treatments, so we have added a little video here from one of the UK's favourte daytime TV shows.  

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These are just some of the average starting treatment costs for Whitening treatments in Stoke-On-Trent and Staffordshire taken from various local dental practices, and are accurrate as of August 2019

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At Home Kit

  • Custom tray kit
  • Multiple high strenght gels
  • Before & after pictues

In House Kit

  • Quick 50 min treatment
  • Carried by professional
  • Great for quick results


  • The real Zoom
  • In house care
  • Amazing success rate
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